William Reed

Ritual Empowerment


Ritual Empowerment One of the purposes of ritual is to develop personal power, to make yourself strong first, […]

The Decision Trap


Ambiguity causes anxiety in those who are inflexible, and creates possibilities in the minds of the people who […]

Karma and Connections


Karma is a word which has entered the English language, but is often misused to mean fate (as in cause and eff […]

Projecting your Future


While the Mandala Chart is a multi-level rectangular matrix framework, it is also possible to create Mandala i […]

Experiencing Time as Flow


Rethinking Time The characters in Japanese for the word time (時間 jikan) literally mean time-interval, or space […]

Finding Your 80/20 Path


The unlikely economist turned philosopher It seems unlikely that an economist would have an insight that ultim […]

Putting Time on Your Side


The Game of Go originated 2500 years ago in Ancient China as a strategy game in which players alternately plac […]

The Curse of Linear Thinking


Goal directed thinking is useful, but can cause problems when pursued in a linear fashion. Linear thinking is […]

Your Horizons Reach as Far as You Can Read


“You’re the same today as you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.” ‾Cha […]